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External MIDI control

The iDS-10 receives MIDI notes. (MIDI Ch 1 - 7 receive)

  • SYN1:     MIDI Ch 1
  • SYN2:     MIDI Ch 2
  • VOICE1: MIDI Ch 3
  • DRUM:   MIDI Ch 4 (C2 - F2)
  • SYN3:     MIDI Ch 5 (PLUS Mode)
  • SYN4:     MIDI Ch 6 (PLUS Mode)
  • VOICE2: MIDI Ch 7 (PLUS Mode)

To connect a Bluetooth MIDI device is following steps.

1. Select the "MENU" button.

2. Then select the "BLUETOOTH" button.

3. Finally, select the "Bluetooth MIDI device". 

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    Nicholas Weaver

    If anyone is having issues setting this up with the nanoKey Studio, this is how I got it working.

    SYN - CH2

    VOX - CH5

    DRUMS - CH7 - KICK:C2, SNARE:C#2, HHAT1:D2, HHAT2:D#2, TOM:E2, PERC:F2


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    Evadum Vdren

    Hello Nicholas, well just bought ids10 and switch my nanostudio on it. I can play a synth but if i choose synth 2 3 4 or voice and drums its always the same sound.
    Where can i route the midi sesstings?
    Big thanks forward Regards Manfred

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