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Can I edit parameters from an iOS device?

No, you can't. Please use the KORG KONTROL Editor running on a PC/Mac to change parameters.


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    Vade Mecum

    This could have been the best midi controller but needing to using desktop control software to change the midi chamnel is a nightmare. You may as well say ios is not supported. The whole point of a midi keyboard for most people is controlling a variety of midi channels. Even using it on a desktop is awkward to have to switch to the control software each time I want to control a new instrument. It’s so fundamentally flawed it seems like someone in Korg’s research and development department dropped the ball. Any producer who takes this home will soon realize it’s conpletely worthless for making music. A piano student is the only one who could really benefit. If it is at all possible to change the midi channel from the device - KORG, I BEG YOU, please make it possible to change the midi channel from the microkey air. A user could push both octave buttons and hit a one of 16 keys on the keyboard. Please correct this serious oversight if at all possible!

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    Edward Clark

    I agree.

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    Al Beeman

    Vade is right, this really needs fixing right now!!!
    It is quite obvious that Korg is not reading or responding to these comments!

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