Can I use it with the iPad/iPhone?

Yes, you can, but this requires the USB camera adaptor.
The microKEY Air can be connected to the iPad/iPhone via the Bluetooth as well


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    Leo Gerard Raabe

    The App Store Preview for Korg Gadget for iOS says iPhone 6 is recommended for Gadget. It says that iPhone 4S, 5, and 5C are not supported. I have an iPhone SE. Is the iPhone SE supported for Gadget?

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    Geoffroy Raduriau

    My Korg MicroKEY 49 Air and Nanokontrol does not connect to bluetooth (IPad 6th and iOS 13.2). BLE-MIDI application can’t support iOS 13 and have to be update !

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    Chris Frost

    The Korg MicroKey2-Air 37 is completely unusable on iOS even after firmware update. The latency over Bluetooth is so unstable and unusable that it renders this expensive alternative e to a USB Controller worthless. £140 is an extortionate price for something you literally cannot use, notes are delayed with no consistency, they buffer then spew out at random rendering the device the only keyboard in the world you cannot play.

    The issue remains regardless of any iOS app and therefore it is the device itself at fault. Potential buyers should know that you can’t even get this far without googling to discover you have to manually update the firmware with a computer, nothing in the box nor manual tells you anything regarding Bluetooth connectivity at all, which is disgraceful since Bluetooth is its primary function.

    Nobody should buy this, and after being a devout Korg customer for 30 years, the brand has lost my trust and respect.

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