I can't connect the Bluetooth devices even though it appears on the list on my iPhone/iPad.

[Update on December 2nd]

We have released a system update that provides iOS13/iPadOS13 support for the BLE-MIDI (Bluetooth LE) connection functionality of Korg controller products. For details on how to download and install the update, please refer to the link given for each product.




Tap the "Settings" app and select "Bluetooth".
If the Bluetooth devices is on the list, tap the "i" button, and the select "Forget This Device".
Then try connecting the Bluetooth MIDI again.


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    I cant connect the nanoKey Studio to my iphone.
    When I turn it on, the blue light is flashing but on the iPhone I cant see it in der Bluetooth List, instead I see it in the Kork BLE-MIDI APP, when Im start connecting, it tries around 100 Seconds, till it get back to the status "not connected.
    IOS Verion: 13.7
    Nanokey Vers. 1.08
    Tank you for the quick response!

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    Luciano Campos C Ribeiro

    moon moon and henrique Espinosa, same issue here:
    The iPadOS sees the microkey unit, but cannot make connection.

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    Robert Strauss


    Mac desktop update DMG from Korg is here: https://www.korg.com/us/support/download/software/0/530/4433/

    video is here hold down 1st key + 'down' button on boot

    then run firmware app on mac OS with air microkey plugged in

    fixed on iOS 13!

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    Luciano Campos C Ribeiro

    Hi there microkey Air users.
    I've just update the firmware unit using updater at windows 10 os.
    works perfectly!
    Thanks a lot KORG f9r that!!! .:.

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    Phillip Saunders

    I just had this problem with my microKEY air after updating from Mojave to Monterey.
    Would not mount using the BLE-MIDI app; was already running the latest 1.04 firmware for the Korg. BLE-MIDI would see the microKEY, but the connect button did not connect it.

    Solution was to delete the existing microKEY entry in Mac Bluetooth preferences, then use BLE-MIDI to connect it. Success!

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