Can I use it in the Windows 64-bit environment?

Yes, you can.


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    I bought Korg microKEY Air 61 as a secondhand purchase and I can't get it operational on Windows 10. My Windows is "64 bit Windows 10 Pro 21H1 19043.1110", should be the latest version with latest updates. For microKEY I have installed latest drivers from "DrvTools(115_r45e).exe". Computer is Lenovo laptop V510-141KB.

    MicroKEY doesn't work with USB-cable and it doesn't work with Bluetooth. For example, with Bluetooth it does pair with computer, but doesn't connect. In similar manner, with USB cable microKEY is visible for VST synth program, but VST synth progam sees microkey with status "off".

    I have tried to install drivers several times, but it hasn't made any change.

    Any pieces of advice? Is this a more general problem you are aware of, or somehow specific to my setup?

    I have older MIDI keyboard which just works out of the box without any driver updates or anything, so, in general I can connect MIDI keyboards to my computer.

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