How do I use the PATCH section in SYN1/2?


Just as modular synthesizers such as the Korg MS Series, the iDS10 provides a PATCH Panel for connecting various modulation sources to various destinations through the use of patch cords. Simply touch on one of the Source jacks and drag your finger to one of the Destination jacks to create a virtual patch cord.


Each of the Patch Panel modulation destination jacks is equipped with an attenuating input, so you can use the knob to control just how much signal is being received. The Modulation destinations are:
VCO Pitch IN                              Controls the Pitch of both Oscillators

VCO1 Pitch IN                            Controls the Pitch of VCO1

VCO2 Pitch IN                            Controls the Pitch of VCO2

VCO1 PWM IN                           Controls the Pulse Width of VCO1 when the Square Wave Form has been selected.

CUTOFF IN                                 Controls the Filter Cutoff Frequency

VCA IN                     Controls the Level of the VCA        


The Modulation Generator (MG) is often referred to as the LFO, or Low-Frequency Oscillator. Depending on its destination, the MG can provide vibrato (PITCH); Tremolo (VCA); or Wah-Wah (Filter) effects. In addition to the four wave forms provided by the MG, the EG and VCO2 can also be used as modulation sources.

TRI                                              Modulation Generator (MG) Triangle Wave

SAW                                           Modulation Generator (MG) Sawtooth Wave

SQUARE                                     Modulation Generator (MG) Square Wave

S & H (Sample & Hold)             Modulation Generator (MG) Random Waveform

EG                                              The Time-variable control signal created by the EG can be used as a modulation source

VCO2                       The output of Oscillator 2 can be used as a modulation source


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