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Creating a Set List

Creating a Set List

Here’s how to register programs and songs in a set list. First you’ll need to access the Set List screen.

1. In the upper right of the screen, tap “Set List” to access the Set List screen. The right side of the screen displays the titles of the existing set lists. The left side of the screen displays—from top to bottom—the title of the selected set list, a volume slider, and at the bottom is the music player that indicates “Tap here to import song.”

2. In the upper left, tap the icon; in the file menu that appears, choose “New.”

3. In the dialog box that appears; use the on-screen keyboard to assign a title to the set list, and then tap “OK.” For this example, use the name “Set List 1.”

Adding Programs to the Set List

1. Tap the button that’s at the right edge of the row of the list to open the Program Browser.

2. From the Program Browser, select the program that you want to add to the Set List. The list shows the program name and icon.

3. Tap the  button at the upper right of the list. A row will be added, and the “Natural Grand” is now registered to the Set List.

4. Repeat the previous steps to open the Program Browser and add additional Programs to the Set List.

5. Tap the icon to open the file menu, and choose “Save” to save your Set List.

Creating a Song List

1. At the left bottom of the screen, tap “Tap here to import song.”

2. Select the song you wish to add to Song List 1 from the list of installed songs that will appear.

3. The selected song is now registered to the first location in the Song List. In place of the “Tap here to import song” prompt, the Korg Module song player control panel will appear.

4. Tap the button at the right edge of the screen to open the Program Browser. By selecting a Program, you will be able to play the Korg Module from the attached MIDI keyboard controller using the selected sound while the Song is playing.

Playing Songs from a List

1. From the list, select the song that you want to play.
2. In the Korg Module music player, tap the play button to play the selected song. As the song is playing, you can perform using the selected program using an external MIDI keyboard/controller that’s connected to the iPhone.
3. This slider located to the right edge will control the playback volume.
4. These buttons will change the playback speed of the song.
5. The sliders at the left side of the music player indicate the playback progress, and below that is the Mark slider. The Mark slider indicates the point in the song where playback will continue from, each time the  button is pressed.
6. The folder button will open the library, so you can re-select the registered song from the list.

Editing a List

In the List Edit mode, you can delete items or change the order of items in a list.

1. Tap the button located at the upper right of the list to enter the List Edit mode.

A  button (Delete) and a  button (Drag) will appear at opposite ends of each row in the list.

2. Moving an Item: To change the order of an item in the list, touch the  button for that item, drag it to the new location, and then release your finger. For this example, take the first item on the list and drag it to the third position.

The first item on the list has been moved to the third position.

3. Deleting a Item: To remove an item from the list. For this example, remove the second item on the list, Program 2. Clav CA, by tapping the  button for row 2. A  button appears at the right edge of the row.。

4. Tap this  button to confirm that you want to delete this item. The item is deleted from the list.
Note : If there is only one item in a list, it cannot be deleted.

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