KORG app Help Center

Main panel

  •  : Displays the remaining battery power of iPhone.
  •  : Here you can control settings such as Bluetooth MIDI, Stereo/Mono operation, etc.
  • :Displays a help screen that shows the version of the app and provides information about using it.
    - Tips : Displays operating hints on the screen.
    - FAQ : Displays the “Korg App Help Center.”
    Note : In order to view the “Korg App Help Center,” you must be able to connect to the Internet.
  •  : This item opens the screen where you can choose a velocity curve to match your playing style.
  •  : Adjust the effect of the Modulation and Ambient.
  • Velocity:This bar-graph meter displays the velocity values as you perform.
  • Output:This stereo meter displays the volume while you perform.
  • 2D=3D:Switch the display of Module in 2D or 3D.
    (2D mode only the Chord / Scale function)

  • Set List:Tapping this item will open the Set List screen.
  • Module:Displays the module screen.
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