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How do I re-download purchased gadgets?

Use the following procedure to restore the data.

  1. In the main screen, choose “add track button”.
  2. In the bottom of the gadget list, choose "Restore Purchased Gadgets".
  3. This completes re-downloading of the purchased gadgets.

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    Gary Rothenbücher

    Re-download doesn't work on Bilbao, because Gadget crashes all the time.
    I've purchased Bilbao, Abu Dhabi and Darwin, but I got a refund for Abu Dhabi and Darwin (iM1).
    Deleting Gadget, restarting the iPad and reinstalling the app doesn't work!
    I'm on iPad 4, running iOS 9. Need a fix!

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    Janko Lauterbach

    same problem here... i did buy abu dhabi, darwin and bilbao, but i'm not brave enough to buy the last one (but i'd like to)...

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    Gary Rothenbücher

    After the Gadget update, it's not possible to restore my purchases, because the app says 'no connection to AppStore' all the time, but Gadget works now. Wait for a fix!

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    Freeze Frozen

    running on iPad air 2, up to date, and latest gadget app v 1.2.3.
    I have purchased both abu dabi & bilbao : impossible to get it nor to restore it.
    Nothing happens and I tried every possible move ( uninstall , reinstall, unlog, relog, etc...)
    Please do something before I run myself in your office !!! its been more than a month now ?

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    Thanks for information

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    Hi, I've purchased Gadget On my iPhone and I've downloaded it to my wife's iPad Air 2 via family sharing but I'm not able to restore Bilbao (which I purchased on my iPhone). Please can you advise?

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    any chance of a response to my question? don't really want to have to spend another £8 on something I've already paid for.

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    Ralph J. Hendry

    I have the same problem as Acksawjim. Any sign of a fix for this?

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    SOLVED: I had the same problem, after reinstalling Korg Gadget I was unable to restore Bilbao, Gladstone, Madrid and Abu Dhabi. The solution was to sign out of the app store and then sign in again. Then the gadgets could be restored. Hope this helps others with the same problem.

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    Jigar Shah

    Unable to restore Abu Dhabi , very very frustrated with this,, pls provide some update to sort it out !

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