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Cannot perform a folder-by-folder import for Hi-Res files

Please update to the latest version (version 1.0.2 or later) on the App Store to assume functionality.

iCloud Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and other cloud services will only import one song file at a time.

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    Ludovic AUDOIN

    1 song at a time....it is a big issue !

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    Techno 320 (music)

    I'm with Ludovic, 1 song at a time is a big issue and furthermore you have to wait for that file to completely download before you select another. This is a £15.00 app, aside from that seems nice.

    Here's my suggestion, and this really needs to be implemented in the next month or so, if it hasn't I recommend future customers steering away from this app as it's unusable... sorry I will not use the iTunes interface...

    Have a look at how Infuse Pro manages video..

    The user launches the app, clicks the ... and then add files, from here the user has a wealth of upload options including:

    - via Browser
    - via FTP
    - via iTunes Sync
    - via File Sharing
    - via Other Apps
    - via Network Share
    - via Direct URL

    and in addition it looks at local networks. WOW!

    So, at the bare minimum, please can you support upload 'via browser' this results in the user inputting a local path like in to their browser and dragging and dropping the files from harddrive, via browser on to phone.

    Please support this feature and please let your customers know you will be supporting this feature or you have an alternative in mind which will address the uploading limitation.


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