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How can I contact support?

Use this from to report suspected bugs you're encountering.
Korg app development team read all bug reports carefully.
If you need technical support, please contact the local Korg distributor for the country in which you purchased it.

If you have questions about the product, please contact the local Korg distributor for the country in which you purchased it.

Information to provide when contacting us

In order for us to help you, we’ll need the following information since product support cannot be provided without it.

  • Your name (full name) 
  • Name and version of the app (you can view this from the Settings > iAudioGate > Version) 
  • Name of the device you’re using (provide details of the model name and generation) 
  • OS version ・ Your question (in as much detail as possible)

Before you contact us, please check whether your question might already be answered in the quick guide, this help center, or the user forum. Please be aware that we cannot answer questions that unrelated to the app itself, such as questions about basic operation of your iPad, or general questions related to creating songs or sounds.

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    Robert De NERO

    Hey always cut music play. i have 2 required, please support podcast and soundcloud list.. Thnx

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    Davidvb - iXD/UX/UI

    It's great you made an app that lets us play flac and DSD audio but what's the use if we cannot stream it and are forced to use local storage (which is always full as it is...)? I have a NAS where my uncompressed and hi-def audio is stored and streamed from, while on my laptop. And some of it is auto-synced to dropbox for when I'm on the road.

    Pleaseee add support for streaming from networks (SMB & DAV), Dropbox & iCloud.
    Only with streaming this app can live up to its full potential because that is what your users expect and paid for (I know I sure did...)

    Kind regards,

    Edited by Davidvb - iXD/UX/UI
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    KORG app

    Thank you for your feedback.
    In the current version, iAudioGate does not support network streaming playback.
    We will send your request to the dev team.
    Best regards,

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    Superb! Best master music player app with beautiful design and great voice quality with good and effective equalizer. Please Also add support for inter app audio effects apps to play directly in the app. It will be great and useful.and please also setting in the song list like that if we click to play the song in song list it should not go to the main player.it start to play in the song list without change the window. And also add swipe in main player for go to the song list. It will be the easy use for users when sorting and choice the songs to play. After looking your app i think its not impossible for you. Please update it soon as possible with these changes. Reply us. Thanks
    Best regards

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    Tim Sharpe

    The latest version released on the 20th still stops playing after the current track when my iPhone 6s+ 9.3.3 is locked with screen off. What do I need to do to listen to a entire album with my phone locked and in my pocket?

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    I am using iAudioGate. This is a superb app. Great sound quality. I like it very much. I have been send many requests to you by email for doing some improvements in user interface. this part it have needs to do some improvements. Because this UI is very old style. So I requested minimum here for Adding easy swipe function in main player for going to songs library. then it will be easy for us for changing the songs. and please also add auto normlizer feature for make equal sound of all songs. But didn't got any response from you. Its really disappointed me. Korg is a big name in audio development. so expecting too much from you. please tell me can it be possible to add swipe function or not. Please give us the reply and update it soon with these changes. Looking forward. Thanks.

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    iAudiogate is a very nice APP, but it doesn't have option on setting about google drive, dropbox etc.  iAudiogate claim to be HIGH RESOLUTION MUSIC PLAYER, but we could not transfer these files.
    iAudiogate is only play music “Local Music and Playlist already on your iPhone.
    iAudiogate could not be streaming from Clouds, but cloudbeats, evermusic Pro and TuneShell are streaming from more than 7 different clouds. Cloudbeats is the faster one CloudBeats: mp3 & flac music player from cloud.

    Where can I use Dropbox or Google drive to transfer files?

    Edited by Jay
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    Hugo Ise

    Hi, iAudioGate is almost perfect. The only thing is the fixed portrait mode, that is a pain in the neck for iPad users, like me. It's just a little edit on the info.plist to sort this out, I did it on a jailbroken device myself, and it works flawlessly. I wander if you could do it for us, as an official feature. So simple to implement, but so useful and helpful! Thanks!

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    Hugo Ise
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    iPhone iOS 9.3.5
    The best mobile app UI designs. As for now, iAudiogate for iPhone is freezing and crashing after downloading the new version 4.0. So, I deleted and I don't know when I will get it back on my iPhone and enjoy Hi-Res music again.

    Hoping they will Fix it as soon as possible and ADD Overlap/ Crossfade for smouth playlist.
    THank you!

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