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How do I use save the program tone from iM1 in Darwin?

If you would like to use a program tone from iM1 in Darwin, please save the program tone in a Library Card in iM1. * Please note that the User Card does not appear in Darwin.

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    Vincent McGevna

    How do I save a program to the library card. I have tried following the user manual (pp59ff) but, there is no write button in the upper left, the write tab does not provide a menu and the file button on the upper left doesn't seem to be what I need???

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    John Hooper

    I'm still not sure how to save to card, it's really unclear can you describe the step by step process

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    Andrew Reissig

    I have the same problem. It's unclear how to save newly custom made tones into the library card. Please instruct.

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    Jace Cavacini

    I am unable to accomplish this task either. I noticed that another user indicated being unable to use patches saved to Library cards once buying the T1 cards, and I have that card set also.

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    Gunars Gj

    to KORG APP - is there a way to transfer edited M1 program or multi from KLC M1 to Darwin Gadget? And how to do that. I sometimes create complex programs on KLC M1 and I still want them to be playable on iPhone.

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    jan gressmann


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    Tuomas Munck

    I have another question regarding this - How do I upload my custom sound bank from iM1 into Gadget desktop? It seems Gadget projects lose their custom Darwin and iWavestation sounds when opened in Gadget Desktop.

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