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How do I re-download expansion sounds?

Use the following procedure to restore the data.

  1. In the menu at the upper right of the screen, choose Store.
  2. In the lower part of the screen, choose "Restore all."
  3. When the screen asks "Restore all packages?," press "Yes."
  4. This completes re-downloading of the expansion sounds.
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    i bought all the extra gadgets and after using the app for quite some time the sound content from bilbao and abu dhabi went missing. tried doing the "restore all" process, nothing happens. trying to select the gadgets on a new track i get the message "bilbao / abu dhabi needs to be restored. sure to doqwnload the content?" i click yes the window opens and closes and nothing! tried everything, tried deleting the whole gadget app and redownloading, still same problem. very frustrating!!!! im stuck without gadgets i payed $20 for, how do i solve this?

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    Alexei Welte

    My download was interrupted, when I download Ivory and I can't download it again...

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    Jon Lindsey

    same here, wasted $20 at this point... I was thinking about getting Module as well but not until we get some kind of fix for this.

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    Hector Lopez

    Same problem with module, i can't re-download sound expansions neither buy the new one, I think that happened after install iOS 9, when i tried to buy apears payment failed message

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    George West

    As above, bought the Triton IAP for Korg Module but it will not download (or Restore) more than 60% on my iPad Pro nor 80% on my iPad Air.

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    Same problem here similar to the elektrius' one with the gadget bilbao.

    please, let me have it in a way or another cause i ve bought it and abu dhabi.

    the gadget abu dhabi,i've restored it, but i can't restore bilbao anymore!

    please help me!

    Edited by Ranmadog72000
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    Buzz Barr

    I don't see a "restore all". I tried to restore the 80s expansion and it won't restore more than 80%. Then it flashes the failure to restore super fast and locks up.

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    David Early

    After downloading module to my iPhone using family sharing I want to restore the sounds I bought. It won't find a receipt against my iPhone Apple ID which is correct. The receipt is against our iPad ID. How can I make this work?

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    Alberto Grimaldo

    I just got a new iPad and the sounds I purchased will not restore. I followed this FAQ instructions, but there is not a “Restore all packages” option. When I tried individually, the message says that it cannot connect to iOS store. I re-downloaded the app, but still can’t restore purchases.

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    Salvador Arcinas

    The same problem, I bought Korg module, 80s Electric pianos and Tritón Best Selection, the module sounds is ok but is not enough without complements, I did the purchses but I can't download the extra sounds, What can I do?

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    Norman Weiss

    Same here, bought Ivory Mobile Grand and Triton Best Selection, had to restore ipad. Installing Module is fine, but when I try to restore the expansion packs screen reads "cannot connect to iTunes Store" even though I'm connected to iTunes Store. I depend on some of these sounds for gigs so this is significant problem and makes Korg Module not suitable for gigging keyboard player.

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    I am facing error while loading indian style pkg which is as below link
    Kindly update how to solve this issue.

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