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Can I play using an external MIDI keyboard?

Of course! You can play Module using an external MIDI keyboard such as nanoKEY2 or microKEY, taktile etc. via iPad Camera Connection Kit / Lightning USB Camera Adapter.

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    john gury

    The Korg microKey 61 I have won't work with an ipad with insufficient USB 2 power. You get a message about that when you make the connection so it is global and not just for gadget. There is no external power source either unless you want to power it off a PC or mac USB then try to run it on an Ipad.

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    Is there a way to lower the midi octave from within the app
    I am wanting to control the korg module from my Nord C2 D which doesnt have mid octave settings in it

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    If I change the octave within the app it changes the octave if you play the ipad keys but doesnt change it to midi keyboard

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    Michal Brůna

    Hi, is there a way of using an external keyboard and an external soundcard like Steinberg UR44 at the same time?

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    I got I pad air 2. I have the apple lighting camera cord and a usb 2.0 cable. I have a MOXF8 88 full size keyboard and a 350 Roland Amp. My App KORG MODULE. IT WILL NOT PLAY thur my 88 Yamaha KEYBOARD Now I can only hear the sounds coming thur the I pad Air 2 only. I contact Yamaha Support and they r haven't heard anything about this. I upgraded my ipad Air 2 software to 10.3.3 and now I can''t get the sound of the Korg Module to play thur my 88 keys. Please help? Thank you. PS I also tried it with my Iphone S and it didn’t work either.

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    Tim Jones

    I want to use my Korg wavestation EX to control the software version. It's not obeying all the midi info like aftertouch and pitchwheel and joystick. What gives?

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    Santiago Trejo

    I am using a midi guitar and want to be able to map the app’s velocity parameters to my devices volume knob. Can an update please be created which allows fo midi CC mapping to parameters on the modules, including the ability to map app velocity to a external device knobs. Thank you! Let me know if you have questions because this is a beautiful app and logic is the only program i am aware of that can modulate velocity like this, unfortunatly logic does not sound as good as some of the sounds on this app.

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    I am just new here. Can someone tell me why the free version is limited to not playing all 88 keys of my midi keyboard? It cuts off the bottom end and top end to 61. Is it better in paid version ?

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    I’d like to use my Korg Oasys to drive the app module on Ipad (9.35)
    I’m usinh Hifing wireless midi adptor which is well recohnized by the app (message HiFing connected)
    I set the midi channel
    But when I use the keyboard on this channel no action is made in the module
    However when I use the same keyboard with a normal midi connection to a sound canvas box, it works fine
    Is there a pecific parameter to use in the module or some compatibility problem with hifing interface ?

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    Hernan Brg

    Si compro la version funciona con 88 teclas?

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