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    philipp knapp

    hello ! what about a transpose button ? I would find it very useful - especially if it was possible to set different transpose settings in the setlist mode. E.g. Song 1 = Ivory Grand + 2 / Song 2 = E piano -4 / Song 3 = Ivory Grand +-0 and so on. It is very important for a Pianist accomping different singers (male /female) with the same Songs !

    actually I wonder - there is a button to turn key animation on and off but not such an elementary knob - iGrand from IK Multimedia has a transpose function, even very cheap pianos have it - your app sounds wonderful and Ivory is much better sounding than iGrand but please add the ESSENTIAL transpose feature - even for a professional player this is such a huge helper - cheers Philipp from Berlin

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    ulrich knoerr

    thank you philipp, thats the function module realy needs for working in a live setup.
    But no global transpose, it would be very usefull if any sound has a transpose function in edit menue. Key +/- and fine (tuning).
    I only can use module in my live setup with this function!
    But its a really really great App. thank you Korg!!!

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    Frank Pena

    So I using the new Korg ipad module app however while I use it the screen closes down as is customary on an iPad after a while and the sound cuts out. Any feature on the app to keep the screen and app up much like the IGrand app? Please advise ?

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