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I can’t use the KORG Legacy Collection series on the GarageBand 10

Please perform the following steps to use the KORG Legacy Collection on GarageBand 10.

  1. Authorize each software on Standalone.
  2. Run Applications/Utilities/Terminal, and paste the following command.

    ln -s ~/Library/Application\ Support/KORG ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.garageband10/Data/Library/Application\ Support/

  3. Launch the GarageBand 10.
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    john lang

    I am having a similar problem with Logic Pro X - since upgrading to MacOS Sierra my Korg Legacy Collection no longer shows up in Logic as an AU instrument. BUT I can access the stand alone versions of each synth in my applications folder. How do I get them back in to Logic?

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    I can see the Korg instruments in GarageBand but when I click on one to add it GarageBand shows a pop-up stating that the audio unit is old and I should contact the manufacturer. I have the latest MIDI driver installed and rebooted. Any ideas what the issue could be?

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    Kong Sunny

    This fix works for garageband.

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    Gigi Agostini

    I have a valid license installed on the computer , I did try the terminal tip , but still not get authorization and garage band 10.2.0 still asking for Korg plug in upgrade that not exist ... could someone help me?

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    Gigi Agostini

    thi article has been not useful, garage band still not loading Korg plug in that are working fine as stand alone app , the terminal command is not working...could someone from Korg give me assistance????

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