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What is GadgetCloud?

Songs that you create using KORG Gadget can be shared on "GadgetCloud," a music sharing function available to KORG Gadget users worldwide.

By exchanging songs between mobile musicians around the world, you can communicate in ways that bypass language barriers, and also improve your skills as a creative artist.

This is a music production space that's fun to use; you can submit your songs for selection as tracks recommended by KORG, enter various contests, and even use the ranking system.

You can uploaddirectly to GadgetCloud from within Korg Gadget.

*GadgetCloud is based on SoundCloud, the cloud service that's supported by creative artists world-wide. To utilize this function you will need to sign up for a SoundCloud account.

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    Casper Gomez

    When I uploaded a Remix for the contest, it didn't show up on the remixes page.

    I used 'GadgetContest' as a tag w/ no luck. I do have my track set to Private though. Is this the issue?

    Also, there's only 2 Remixes so far for Contest#2 which leads me to believe I'm not the only one having this issue.

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    KORG app

    Thanks for joining our remix contest #2! And, we're sorry for the lack of explanation. We will be able to see your tracks by changing your tracks to Public, so please set the tracks to Public. Your tracks will be linked by “KORG app Featured” SoundCloud account within days, and it will be shown on the Featured tab in the GadgetCloud. Hope this helps!

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    Rick Hunter

    I have uploaded songs to Gadgetcloud previously but am now getting a message: "Failed to upload, please configure your email settings in Soundcloud". I checked that and it shows Korg Gadget as being configured to upload with Soundcloud so I can't see a problem.

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    Pasquale Tarricone

    Hello, my gadgetcloud account suddenly reset the count of the number of listeners and now it no longer shows the ratings made. PakT2R account

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