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What is the User/Shared buttons on the header of the Loop list?

User The loops which you created are listed. 
Shared The loops which were created and shared by users worldwide will appear.

You can share your own loop by uploading Loop Data with your audio to SoundCloud.

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    chris steenberg

    There have been comments made that user loops are not downloading to ikaossilator. I finally got 29 loops but could never get the list to update further. This has also been discussed on Korg forums.

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    Jeff Ingerle

    I can't get any of the shared user loops to load either. Tried deleting app and reinstalling but no luck.

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    Ditto above comment. Reloaded app but everything was back to default and with shared style sets not wanting to load. I also lost months of my own stuff. I assume your local files don't get stored on cloud site ?.
    Is there a solution to getting files and samples back ?

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    I noticed that the style preset samples are different from the ones that I got originally.
    All my own stuff was based using bits of them. Is there any way to get these style sets?
    I uploaded a lot to soundcloud but those .wav files don't have any of the native kaosilator file attributes. There's no way to backward engineer them. Is ther a korg telephone helpline?

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    Does anyone ever get a response from this website ? I,ve lost months of musical work, I might be an eejit in musical terms but so what. I'm getting the impression that once you've been sold something they don't care . All I want is an answer or solution and for things to work.

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    Dave Beard

    2017 update, they are still not downloading. not for me.
    Just gets stuck "Loading...".

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