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How can I contact support?

If you have questions about the product, please contact the Korg distributor for the country in which you purchased it.

Information to provide when contacting us

In order for us to help you, we’ll need the following information since product support cannot be provided without it.

  • Your name (full name) 
  • Name and version of the app (you can view this from the Korg logon in the upper part of the main screen) 
  • Name of the device you’re using (provide details of the model name and generation) 
  • OS version
  • Your question (in as much detail as possible)

Before you contact us, check whether your question might already be answered in the quick guide, this help center, or the user forum. Please be aware that we cannot answer questions that are not regarding the app itself, such as questions about basic operation of your device, or general questions on creating songs or sounds.

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    Donald F Stille

    I just want to contact technical support regarding a product I would like to buy, and this page offers no means to do this. This is really lame. It makes me want to think twice.

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    An Eternal

    I have little faith in kORG software. And there is no simple refund process. My opinion is that KORG software is ill advised, but their hardware is top choice.

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    A.J. Kandy

    As the main support channel / community for Korg users, this site lacks a LOT of information that's scattered across different Korg properties and social media. Information about known bugs, pending software updates, etc - there isn't even a way to submit a bug report, or user forums for user-to-user support. Whatever you're doing across Twitter ought to be mirrored here, and it isn't. Is no-one actually managing this site?

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    KORG app

    We apologize for the inconveniences.
    Although we are providing the same important information as social media in the help center, we will improve the layout so that you can find the important information easily. Thank you for your patience.

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    A.J. Kandy

    Good to know. Thanks. (PS, if you need some help with UX / IA, I do that for a living... :)

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    sean xsf

    hello i had problem with Gadget:

    the app crashed when i launch,
    then i did a back up from my IPAD Ios 8 with ITUNES.
    Also i saved the files i did on my Mac Book Air.
    and RECOVER the IPAD.

    The problem is:

    i don't find the last file i didi with Korg Gadget.

    I check the web for some recovery app for IOs,
    but in the description they see only "some" files,
    like photos, videos....

    Please do you know how i can do a recovery of deleted Gadget files???


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    1) Can you please, please make the iPolysix respond to the sustain pedal? cc 64
    2) Will you guys please increase the polyphony?
    3) Will you make i patches shareable between the Korg legacy & the ipolysix?

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    I accidentally deleted a file on Korg gadget from my iPhone. The phone and the iPad were both synced to the cloud so it inadvertently deleted the file from my iPad as well. Is it possible to retrieve the file?

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    Steve Sauve

    Just adding my voice to the disappointed chorus...

    Why would such fantastic synths as iPolySix and iMS20, apps that Korg continues to profit from, not support something so basic as MIDI sync?

    WIST is nowhere. Ableton Link is out there.

    C'mon Korg, get into the 21st Century! MIDI Sync has been a thing for, like, 35 years, for cripes sake!

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    Juanma Ruiz

    I've just downloaded the app from App from iphone but i didint want. Is there any kind of possibility to refund the money of the app?

    Thanks in advance.

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