How can I contact support?

If you have questions about the product, please contact the Korg distributor for the country in which you purchased it.

Information to provide when contacting us

In order for us to help you, we’ll need the following information since product support cannot be provided without it.

  • Your name (full name) 
  • Name and version of the app (you can view this from the Korg logon in the upper part of the main screen) 
  • Name of the device you’re using (provide details of the model name and generation) 
  • OS version ・ Your question (in as much detail as possible)

Before you contact us, check whether your question might already be answered in the quick guide, this help center, or the user forum. Please be aware that we cannot answer questions that are not regarding the app itself, such as questions about basic operation of your device, or general questions on creating songs or sounds.

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    Cyril Clement
    Hi, I'm sorry to write directly to you but I couldn't find any solution or explanation on the behavior of iMS-20 when using the "edit sound" mode from drum parts. When entering this edit sound, the app automatically display an endless 4 repetitive notes pattern. It's very annoying, it's like there's a "ghost" sequence with a sound on the 1st, 5th, 9th and 13th. When you edit a kick drum sound, you can get use to it, but when editing a cymbal or snare, it gives you an headache after 10' ! Could you tell me if there a way to edit the drum sound exactly like the synth, and avoiding this automatic sequence which is impossible to shut off. Thank you for your attention and your help. And while I'm writing to you, could you tell me if the new NanoKEY Studio will be perfectly compatible on an iPad Pro running on iOS 9 ? If this is the case, I pass my order immediately! True Regards, Cyril Clément
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    Steve Sauve

    Just adding my voice to the disappointed chorus...

    Why would such fantastic synths as iPolySix and iMS20, apps that Korg continues to profit from, not support something so basic as MIDI sync?

    WIST is nowhere. Ableton Link is out there.

    C'mon Korg, get into the 21st Century! MIDI Sync has been a thing for, like, 35 years, for cripes sake!

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    SpoonWood Gennaro

    I don't seem to be able to route external sounds into and thru the iMS-20's filters.
    Is that available ? As it is with the actual hardware? I own both AUM and Audiobus 2 to fasilatate .

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    Frans Lemaire

    Where and how can we find back our activation codes for iMS20. I want to install my operational iMS20 on a new iPad.

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    eleven eleven

    I will try to describe my problem
    1) I have IMS 20 KORG IPad application version 1.7.1
    2) I both Audiobus
    3) I connected both application
    4) On Korg was blocked pattern change and sequencer settings were managed by Audio’s
    5) On Korg was going light green line probably showing connectivity among them
    6) I have canceled the connectvity on audiobus
    7) But the darker green light line on Korg is going on
    8) Pattern change is blocked and sequencer is taking the same tempo what was on Audiobus what is very problematic because of changing tempos in the case when I opening session saved with different tempo. For example session tempo was 90 but after opening is 120 now. What is the problem.

    I would like to have Korg independent how it was without the Audiobus because damaging my sessions.

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    ravi khan

    I hope to get the issue sorted please.I bought these 2 top sound and style samples from your wesite.I have unzipped the files and loaded on USB.I cant load the files to KORG PA4x oriental keyboard.Please help me.

    Add To Cart!
    Pa700 Indian Collection

    Styles and Sounds/Performances useful for Indian music


    Add To Cart!
    Pa1000 Indian Collection

    Styles and Sounds/Performances useful for Indian music

    seems like the pack is not compatible with PA4X oriental keyboard.

    please let me know if there is anyother way to load them.I have paid a decent amount of money for the pack.Its a shame if i cant use them.cheers


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    Claude Fillion Chansonnier

    Good morning, I'm looking to buy a stage digital piano. I'm looking for the D1. Does it have the possibility to download ex: elton john piano set-up and save it to the internal memory?

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    Mats Eriksson

    When should you people get it? Redirecting us to the Korg wholesale agent in our country gives us absolutely nothing. What if that distributor has gone belly up? The meaning of internet shop and sales, are that it is completely independentof countries.

    Now, I tried to use the migration coupon code but it says it has already been used. I haven't logged in to my Legacy account in 2-3 years and just recently I found out that a Collection 2 exists. With resizable GUI, which comes in handy for - say - the MDE-X effects which no one I know can look at and see what it displays. For owls only.

    BTW The last time I asked my countrys Korg Distributor about an issue in app, they could not give any help or reply at all. They "redirected" me ... here... a cath 22 don't you think?

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    Jackie Forsberg


    I can not press the activate button in any of your softwares.
    I use Windows 10.

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