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I've entered the License Code that was issued into the "License Authorization" dialog box, but it was rejected

The License Code is only for the computer that displayed the Locking Code. It cannot be used on any other computer.
If the computer that displayed the Locking Code does not accept the License Code, please check the following points.

  • Did you enter the License Code correctly? (If the computer on which this product was installed is different than the computer you used for license authorization you should also check that the Locking Code was entered correctly.)
  • Are the date and time set correctly on the computer?
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    jay brown

    it works for the m1 but not for mdx, ms-20, monopoly

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    I purchased the Ms20 vst, but it the activation code is rejected. Whats going on?

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    Jorn Libeert

    I bought the Legacy Collection long time ago. In the process of registering the software again on my Mac with locking code, it said "Error: License code is invalid"
    I don't find any direct support email or chatbox... so I'll leave a message here. It's been for ages I've been trying to reactivate it...

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    Nico Luecke

    The product code for the Korg Gagdet that i bought today is rejected and seems to be invalid. G2PB7E2B4C49163
    It's a shame that i didn't got a bargain when purchasing the Korg Gadget while i already got the Korg Collection...

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