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What is Polyshare?

Polyshare is a function for iPolysix users to share their songs. It’s based on SoundCloud, the song sharing service favored by music creators. You can make your song available to iPolysix users around the world simply by uploading the song directly from the app. iPolysix users in countries you’ve never heard of can listen to - and rate - the songs you create. If you’re not comfortable creating a new song, try collaborating on a remix. You can download remixable tracks that other users have uploaded, and try your hand at them. You can also upload unfinished songs for other users to remix. It’s easy to enjoy remixing and collaboration with users around the world.

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    Upload Music

    Polyshare does not display correctly on my iPad 2. The remix function does not work either. Could you please fix that soon.

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