How to use Keystage with wavestate native (MIDI 2.0 Property Exchange)

◾️Operating requirements

To use Keystage with wavestate native, please update wavestate native to the latest version.

wavestate native (1.2.2 or later) (standalone version only)
wavestate native LE (1.2.2 or later) (standalone version only)


◾️How to use

1. Connect the Keystage to your Computer or Mac.

2. Start wavestate native app.

3. Open "Audio/Midi Settings" from the wavestate native menu.



4. Select "Keystage KBD/CTRL" for MIDI Input port and "Keystage CTRL" for MIDI Output port.




If the connection with MIDI 2.0 Property Exchange is successful, Keystage displays wavestate native program name and parameter names, and you can control the wavestate native parameters with Keystage controllers.


The following functions are assigned to Keystage controllers.

Keystage wavestate native
VALUE ^ v Button Performance up / down
VALUE Encoder Performance up / down
Knob Performance parameters, Layer A-D parameters
Page-+ Button Switches the parameters displayed on the knob display




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