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KORG USB-MIDI Driver can not be used with Driver error on Windows 10.

Please use the latest Windows 10 KORG USB-MIDI Driver.

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    Michael Leary

    driver fails for N1 in Win 10

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    José Antonio Valladares

    En Windows 10, no me funcionaban correctamente los controladores MIDI de Korg. Concretamente con el pedal Korg Pandora y el Nanokontrol2, la última actualización de Windows 10 no me los reconocía, con anteriores SO como Windows 7 no tenía problemas, incluso utilicé en Windows 10 una máquina virtual con Windows 7 para utilizar el pedal Korg Pandora.

    El problema era mío, tenía los puertos MIDI del 1 al 10 ocupados por controladores corruptos de antiguas instalaciones y Windows 10 me instalaba los dispositivos en puertos como el 17, 19,... y en esos puertos no me reconocía los dispositivos Korg.


    1) Instalé la última actualización de controladores MIDI USB de Korg para Windows 10.

    2) Utilicé el instalador de dispositivos que incluye, y obviamente aunque me instalaba pe. el Nanokontrol2, después no lo reconocía.

    3) Al ejecutar el programa de desinstalación incluido en el paquete de controladores, me di cuenta que los puertos MIDI del 1 al 10 tenían controladores corruptos de anteriores instalaciones y el Nanokontrol2 lo había instalado en el puerto 17. NOTA: PARA QUE FUNCIONEN LOS DISPOSITIVOS KORG, TIENEN QUE ESTAR INSTALADOS EN LOS PUERTOS DEL 1 AL 10.

    4) Desinstalé todos los controladores corruptos que había en los puertos MIDI del 1 al 10, también el puerto 17 del Nanokontrol2, y reinicié el ordenador.

    5) Con el programa instalar dispositivo, instalé el Nanokontrol2 que me lo puso en el puerto MIDI 1, y después el pedal Pandora, este me lo puso en el puerto 2. Reinicié el ordenador y al utilizar el software tanto del Nanokontrol2 como del pedal Pandora los reconoció y funcionaron bien, sin ningún problema.

    Espero que sirva mi experiencia a los usuarios de Korg dado que en un principio creía que los controladores no eran compatibles con la última actualización de Windows 10 y el problema era quitar antes los controladores corruptos de antiguas instalaciones que no dejaban instalar los dispositivos en los puertos MIDI del 1 al 10.

    Otra cosa en la configuración de los controladores para 32, 64 bits ó ambos, yo elijo "ambos" dado que hay software que va a 32 bits.

    Un saludo.

    Edited by José Antonio Valladares
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    Corrado Casoli

    I own a Korg Minilogue. I tried a lot of times to update it with its kmupdate exe file but my pc said that there is no MIDI port or any MIDI device.
    I unistalled and installed again the latest version of USB-MIDI driver from the Korg site but it doesn't work. Can anybody pls help me?
    I have Windows 10.
    Hope to hear and solve my problem.

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    José Antonio Valladares

    In Windows 10, Korg MIDI controllers did not work properly for me. Specifically with the Korg Pandora stomp and the Nanokontrol2, the last Windows 10 update did not recognize me, with previous OS as Windows 7 had no problems, I even used a Windows 7 virtual machine with Windows 7 to use the Korg Pandora stomp.

    The problem was mine, I had the MIDI ports from 1 to 10 occupied by corrupt controllers of old installations and Windows 10 installed the devices in ports like 17, 19, ... and in those ports I did not recognize the Korg devices.


    1) I installed the latest Korg USB MIDI driver update for Windows 10.

    2) I used the device installer that it includes, and obviously even though I installed it. the Nanokontrol2, later I did not recognize it.

    3) When executing the uninstall program included in the driver package, I noticed that the MIDI ports from 1 to 10 had corrupt drivers from previous installations and the Nanokontrol2 had installed it on port 17. NOTE: TO WORK THE DEVICES KORG, THEY MUST BE INSTALLED IN PORTS 1 TO 10.

    4) I uninstalled all the corrupt drivers that were in the MIDI ports from 1 to 10, also the port 17 of the Nanokontrol2, and I restarted the computer.

    5) With the program install device, I installed the Nanokontrol2 that I put it in the MIDI port 1, and then the Pandora stomp, this put it in port 2. I restarted the computer and using the software of both the Nanokontrol2 and the Pandora stomp recognized them and they worked well, without any problem.

    I hope that my experience will serve Korg users because at first I thought that the drivers were not compatible with the last update of Windows 10 and the problem was to remove the corrupt drivers from old installations that did not allow to install the devices in the ports. MIDI from 1 to 10.

    Another thing in the configuration of the drivers for 32, 64 bits or both, I choose "both" since there is software that goes to 32 bits.

    A greeting.

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    Wittawat Keawcharoen


    My MicroKey2 61 MIDI device cannot be found when I use Reason. However, it seems to work just fine with other piano program, in my case it is Everyone Piano
    I tried updating to the latest Driver from this thread but this doesn't solve my problem.

    Could you please help?

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    José Antonio Valladares

    With the uninstall application, remove the failed installations you have on ports 1..10, and install the MicroKey again, if Reason does not recognize you, you will have to configure the DAW.

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    Wittawat Keawcharoen

    Thanks, I found exactly that. I fixed it by editing the Registry, I think the link explaining it is somewhere around here.

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    Steve Athey

    Hi I am having some similar issues that are not related to the windows 10 update.

    I have found one reference to editing the registry that has not solved my issues.

    All my Korg devices are within the 1st 3 midi entries

    The only midi Entry greater than midi9 is Bome Virtual midi port on midi10 (I think this is associated with Komplete OR my Komplete Kontrol).

    My installed devices are Korg Triton Extreme, NanoKontrol 2, and the minilogue. All are working fine as midi devices in Cubase 9.5.

    As far as I am aware I am using the latest Korg drivers but they may not be installed correctly?

    I think the main problem is that they show in "korg midi driver uninstall utility" as being corrupted.

    midi0: Corrupted (Korg Triton Extreme)
    midi1: Corrupted (Korg nanoKONTROL2)
    midi2: Corrupted (Korg minilogue xd)

    I have tried uninstalling these and reinstalling the drivers.

    I have also removed non korg devices that I did not recognise

    Any ideas how to fix these corrupted entries? Or just to get the sound librarian to work.

    Thanks in advance


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    Marco Ruiz

    Steve, i have the same problem, any solution please

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