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How can I import data from the KORG Legacy Collection Mono/Poly?

This imports data from the KORG Legacy Collection Mono/Poly.
The data imported can be written to the iPad/iPhone and loaded into the iMono/Poly app, using iTunes software on a computer.

From the KORG Legacy Collection, please export the file as follows.
FILE button> Save> Bank or Program. It imports into iTunes software.


The file formats that can be imported into KORG iMono/Poly are as follows.

Bank File: .mp4bank
Program File: .mp4prog

* You can not import fxb / fxp of KLC Mono/Poly.

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    How can I save banks to MP4BANK format in KLC mono/poly?

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    This method described above does not work, and needs an update and more detail from Korg.

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