MIDI Devices is not recognized by 64-bit version of DAW.

  • MIDI Device may not be recognized if 64bit MIDI Application and 32bit MIDI Application are started simultaneously.
    Check the status with the Task Manager, and if they are running at the same time, please terminate one of the MIDI Applications.


  • When using the KORG USB-MIDI Driver, if you set the setting to "32 bit Only", MIDI Message can not be received from 64 bit MIDI Application.
    By setting it to Both, you can receive MIDI Message from both 32 bit and 64 bit.
    Usually, please use it with Both.


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    George Piazza

    I found that the USB-Midi drivers 1.13 - 1.15 designed fro Windows 7 did not work with my TR61. Once I uninstalled them, my DAW and synths saw the keyboard.

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    דיג'יי אייל

    I have a Windows 10.
    In korg Driver I see ports 1 and 2 (monologue, ms20)
    My problem I don't see in Ableton 10 them at all.
    I reinstalled the driver and it didn't help.
    please help me

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    Ivan Lashin

    Hi 2 ptoblem. can not connect to kp3+ editor, kp3+ not found, win 10? all drivers instal, and sysE enb. and can not connect my kp3+ to ableton live as a midi controller? how to? please help!

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