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The Bluetooth MIDI device can not be connected after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is applied even though the KORG BLE-MIDI Driver is installed.

If there is a device which has been paired with before the Windows 10 Creators Update is applied, there might be an issue in that the device cannot be connected after appling the update.

If this happens, delete all the BLE-MIDI paired devices, and pair them again.

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    Steve Marfisi

    doesn't work. Deleting the devices does not work, removing and reinstalling that BLE-MID does not work either. Is there a fix?

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    Juan Pablo Vilchis

    After applying Windows 10 update, my Korg devices stop working. Then In found this: https://thedigitallifestyle.com/w/index.php/2019/04/23/fixing-korg-usb-midi-driver-issues-in-windows-10-may-2019-update/
    Korg support is very bad. Great products but very bad support and Ableton Live support as well.

    Warning: First create a Registry Backup, then move forward. You may need to create an Alias for every damn midi device(not only Korg ones) in the same registry tree as your Korg devices. Korg devices may need to be between midi1 and midi9 to work. Hope it helps.

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