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Installation procedure

1. Download the installer from e-mail link*1.
Double-click the downloaded KORG Gadget Le.dmg file.
3. Double-click KORG Gadget Le.pkg to open the installer.
4. Follow the instructions on the screen to install KORG Gadget Le for Mac.
5. After installation is complete, open KORG Gadget Le to carry out license verification.

*1 High speed wired network recommended.

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    For me at 83,difficult

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    KORG app

    We’re Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Could you please inquire from the following? We will support you directly.
    https://support.korguser.net/hc/requests/new Thanks, KORG app team

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    Jeffrey Williams

    I just purchased the KORG M1 VST for Mac...I am having problem with installation...well it installed and the files even show up in my vet and component file on my Mac. I am running High Sierra as my security. Please help...Ive uninstalled twice.

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    Dij Rib's

    is beautiful

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    Sebastian Wichmann


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    Leopardo Biz

    Nice :) 

    Edited by Leopardo Biz
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    Pedro Felicio


    I'm from Brazil. The "province" button doesn't show the options...

    Edited by Pedro Felicio

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