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Songs made with KORG Gadget can be shared unaltered on various music-sharing platforms around the world. Uploading to “Allihoopa” will allow thousands of users to remix and rearrange the song on their own. Experience a new dimension of communication that transcends language.*

1. Press the Allihoopa button located in the header section.


2. Audio export will start.


3. Allihoopa’s log in screen will be displayed. Follow the steps to log in.


4. After entering the song information and filling in other required fields, press “Drop” to upload to Allihoopa.


* What is Allihoopa?
Allihoopa is an online music-sharing platform made with several applications by Allihoopa, including Figure, Take, Reason by Propellerhead, and more. https://allihoopa.com

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