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Sometimes a USB device is not recognized when attempting to connect a USB-C to USB Adapter with the MacBook Pro.

This problem occurs when connecting a USB device through the Mac's Thunderbolt 3 port with a USB-C to USB Adapter, and has been confirmed for the following products:

  • microKEY2
  • microKEY2 Air
  • taktile-25/49
  • TRITON taktile-25/49

If you experience this problem, try connecting the USB-C to USB Adapter and USB device through a USB hub. If there is insufficient power, please use a self-powered USB hub.


Also, the computer may recognize the device if you connect it to a different Thunderbolt port or reverse the sides of the Thunderbolt connector.

We are currently investigating this problem and thank you for your continued patience.

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    Hello, I had this issue (in the MacBook Pro touchbar 15 / taktile 25) but I was able to solve it with a USB hub.
    Do you know if some kind of damage could have done for this fail attempt to connect to the usb-C before the hub?

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    Hi support staff. Any news on this? I first reported this on January 10 2017 and still you have not issued a fix. I have not been able to use my brand new Microkey2 yet due to this error.

    You have offered a workaround that involves me spending more money to make something work that was meant to be compatible and that—combined with zero support over 5 months—is completely unacceptable.

    This was my first experience with Korg and it's likely to be the last. I cannot recommend your products and will warn others of the risks they are likely to incur.

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    Stephen Shanfield

    I just purchased a Korg Microkey MiniAir with bluetooth.
    I have an Ipad and an Imac.
    I have the Korg app for both.
    I am able to connect with Bluetooth. Bluetooth registers on both devices.
    But I am not able to get the keyboard to work. In spite of the device being connected, there is no sound.
    Look forward to your help on this.

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    I've just bought a microkey2, and I'm faced with the same issue with my macbook pro 2017. I haven't tried yet the "usb hub" workaround, but it seems to be the only option, except from returning the keyboard... Any news on the investigation ?

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    Elius Amarus

    Any luck with this? New Macbook Pro has problems with other devices associated to USB in general. As others state, this is completely unacceptable. Some blame it on Intel, some on Apple, some on third party companies. We don't care who's guilty, we need things to work, because we're paying for it!

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    Zoe Johnson

    I had this problem out of the box but was able to make it work with my non hub USB adapter, but ONLY upside down and in the top right port on my Macbook pro 2017. Will be spending $6 on another cable to be able to utilize all the other ports, but this works for now.

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    For real, upside down? That doesn't make any sense! I thought USB-C got rid of the upside down business? Does it work flawlessly like that? And is yours a 15" MBP? The reason I ask is the non 15" have slower ports depending on which one you use.

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    Sunghee Kim

    I have the same issue with ma MBP, microkey 61, using vava usb-c hub.

    mbp usb-c port -> vava usb hub -> usb-b usb-a cable -> Korg microkey doesn't work
    mbp usb-c port -> vava usb hub -> usb-a usb-a cable -> Korg microkey doesn't work



    problem fixed with just add a USB hub in between the keyboard and the usb-c hub.

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    Sergey Udaltsov

    Same with macbook air 2018. Frustrating. The cable is good, proven with other devices.

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