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Sometimes a USB device is not recognized when attempting to connect a USB-C to USB Adapter with the 2016 MacBook Pro.

This problem occurs when connecting a USB device through the Mac's Thunderbolt 3 port with a USB-C to USB Adapter, and has been confirmed for the following products:

  • microKEY2
  • microKEY2 Air
  • taktile-25/49
  • TRITON taktile-25/49

If you experience this problem, try connecting the USB-C to USB Adapter and USB device through a USB hub. If there is insufficient power, please use a self-powered USB hub.

Also, the computer may recognize the device if you connect it to a different Thunderbolt port or reverse the sides of the Thunderbolt connector.

We are currently investigating this problem and thank you for your continued patience.

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    Hello, I had this issue (in the MacBook Pro touchbar 15 / taktile 25) but I was able to solve it with a USB hub.
    Do you know if some kind of damage could have done for this fail attempt to connect to the usb-C before the hub?

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    Hi support staff. Any news on this? I first reported this on January 10 2017 and still you have not issued a fix. I have not been able to use my brand new Microkey2 yet due to this error.

    You have offered a workaround that involves me spending more money to make something work that was meant to be compatible and that—combined with zero support over 5 months—is completely unacceptable.

    This was my first experience with Korg and it's likely to be the last. I cannot recommend your products and will warn others of the risks they are likely to incur.

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    Stephen Shanfield

    I just purchased a Korg Microkey MiniAir with bluetooth.
    I have an Ipad and an Imac.
    I have the Korg app for both.
    I am able to connect with Bluetooth. Bluetooth registers on both devices.
    But I am not able to get the keyboard to work. In spite of the device being connected, there is no sound.
    Look forward to your help on this.

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